How do you manage your blood pressure?

Posted February 02, 2018 09:19:53 I’m struggling to keep up with my blood pressure and I’ve got a couple of days off.I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure.What’s my risk for the blood pressure spike and can I avoid it? My husband’s an emergency medicine physician.We’ve had a lot of high blood pressures and it’s made […]

Trump orders opioid overdose reversal effort, calls on public health

The Trump administration on Monday ordered a reversal of an opioid overdose prevention program that has resulted in more than 300,000 overdose deaths since the opioid epidemic started in 2015.A new order issued by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price would halt a program that had provided support for those with chronic pain and […]

Why the Tinnitus Blood Pressure bracelet can’t stop the ringing

The Tinnitis Blood Pressure Bandage is an excellent solution to reducing ringing, but it’s not going to stop ringing.The bracelet is made of the same material as the TINNITUS blood pressure bracelets, but the ringers are still there.It’s a simple design that works.It is, however, a simple solution to an extremely complex problem.The Tinnitres ringers […]

How to raise your blood pressure: What to know before you jump in

As I read this article, I was struggling to come up with a way to raise my blood pressure.I could have started with taking a few aspirin pills daily, but it was just not feasible for me to do.Instead, I thought, I could try lowering my blood sugar.Low blood sugar is a common symptom of […]

A heart monitor that can detect blood pressure changes before it occurs

Now Playing: US military tests for possible flu virus in Yemen Now Playing; Trump takes a jab at Mueller investigation Now Playing Video: What Donald Trump is doing right now with Russia Now Playing What Donald J. Trump is saying about Russian interference in the 2016 election Now Playing Trump fires former FBI director James […]

Why I Have Tinnitus Blood Pressure Spike During a Fit

My wife, who’s been with me for almost six years, has tinnitis, which is a condition in which people have problems with hearing.Tinnitis is associated with headaches and neck pain, which are common side effects of hearing loss.She’s also had blood pressure spikes during a workout.The cause is not yet clear, but Tinnus is a […]

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