How to stop drinking red wine and red wine vinegar in a pinch

I’ve been drinking red wines for years, and while I’ve never had a stroke, I’ve definitely experienced blood pressure rise.As my blood pressure continues to rise, I’m feeling a little tired, and I can’t eat food and don’t sleep well.I’m also noticing that my skin is getting a bit redder, and my skin tone is […]

How to avoid a stroke when you have syphilis

People with syphilis are more likely to have an early stroke than those without the infection, according to a new study.The findings could offer advice for people at risk of having a stroke.People with syphi have a higher risk of developing a stroke, with a stroke occurring at nearly three times the rate of those […]

How to cut the blood pressure in your neck

METOPOLOLOL: This is a story about how to cut your blood pressure and heart rate.If you’ve ever needed help with your blood sugar, you’ve probably heard about metopolol.Metoprolols are a prescription medication that’s used to lower blood pressure by raising your blood glucose.It’s a common treatment for diabetes.Metoplastic disease is a serious condition where the […]

‘The blood pressure machine is really cool’: ‘I’m a blood pressure specialist’

By Lauren Brown The Guardian A machine to help people with high blood pressure stop having to wear a mask has been developed by a doctor in Australia.Dr Peter Moulton of the Queensland Health Authority said he and his team had used the blood pressure device to help hundreds of patients at the local hospital, […]

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