How to stop drinking red wine and red wine vinegar in a pinch

I’ve been drinking red wines for years, and while I’ve never had a stroke, I’ve definitely experienced blood pressure rise.As my blood pressure continues to rise, I’m feeling a little tired, and I can’t eat food and don’t sleep well.I’m also noticing that my skin is getting a bit redder, and my skin tone is […]

A blood pressure monitor for the NHS

Posted October 02, 2018 07:02:36The NHS has been inundated with requests for blood pressure monitors to help treat patients with hypertension, and to prevent the spread of disease.Now, researchers from the University of Manchester are developing a device that could one day be fitted to a patient’s home.The new device is called Tylenol, and is […]

When does a blood pressure reading become a good predictor of health?

Blood pressure, the main predictor of blood pressure and stroke risk, is the fourth-most-used health-related measure.This week, we’re revisiting the basics of blood pressures to understand how they might be better predictors of health.For more information, read the blood pressure article What are blood pressure readings?Blood pressure is a measure of your blood pressure.It tells […]

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