How to measure your blood pressure properly

Blood pressure is a vital factor in managing cardiovascular disease, a condition that causes rapid, severe heart failure and death.The best way to measure blood pressure is with a digital caliper or syringe.But how to get the right one? The most common method is to use a digital needle.A needle is small, round and has a […]

Are blood pressure goals a good idea?

Are blood pressures a good way to lose weight?In fact, the scientific community is split over the matter.Here’s what you need to know.1.What are blood pressure guidelines?The American Heart Association (AHA) has issued guidelines for people with high blood pressure.The guidelines are based on evidence of benefits from regular exercise, including weight loss.They say that […]

How blood pressure and heart health can be improved by changing blood pressure formula

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Calgary looked at how blood pressure can be altered using a blood pressure calculator.The result: if you change the formula from the standard 120/70 to 140/70, you can significantly decrease your risk of having a heart attack.In other words, if you are currently at or above […]

The Neotonic Blood Pressure Device Is Good for Your Brain

Health experts are excited about the new blood pressure monitor device from Neotonics that could soon be used to help people with mild to moderate hypertension manage their condition.The device is the first blood pressure device to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which means the FDA can approve it.The NeutroniBreath monitors the […]

How to avoid a stroke when you have syphilis

People with syphilis are more likely to have an early stroke than those without the infection, according to a new study.The findings could offer advice for people at risk of having a stroke.People with syphi have a higher risk of developing a stroke, with a stroke occurring at nearly three times the rate of those […]

What to know about blood pressure and heart disease: Experts

What to Know about Blood Pressure and Heart Disease: Experts 1.What is blood pressure?“A normal blood pressure (BP) is the normal reading of a person’s blood pressure.A person with high blood pressure is at risk for a heart attack, stroke or heart failure.”Source: United States Department of Health and Human Services 2.What are heart attacks?“Heart […]

Kids blood pressure: Experts to discuss new guidelines

Experts to consider new guidelines for children with high blood pressure.Parents and doctors say that kids with hypertension and other blood pressure problems are more likely to be the ones who suffer more serious health problems.That’s the topic of a new report released Tuesday by a panel of experts from across the country.The experts were […]

Why do blood pressure readings show the blood pressure of the elderly is still too high?

A new study published in the journal Circulation shows that the amount of oxygen in the blood does not seem to be a reliable indicator of how well the body is able to keep blood pressure in check.It also says the amount and type of oxygen present in the bloodstream can impact how much blood […]

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