When does a blood pressure reading become a good predictor of health?

Blood pressure, the main predictor of blood pressure and stroke risk, is the fourth-most-used health-related measure.This week, we’re revisiting the basics of blood pressures to understand how they might be better predictors of health.For more information, read the blood pressure article What are blood pressure readings?Blood pressure is a measure of your blood pressure.It tells […]

Toddler born with a massive brain tumor: ‘It hurts so much’

KENT, Tenn.— Toddler Todd Kiyoko has been born with brain tumors, and the Tennessean reports the girl’s mother is struggling to cope.Todd Kiyako’s parents were diagnosed with the tumors when she was a toddler.The Tennesseant says the toddler was born with about a quarter of an inch of tissue on her brain.Her mother, Kathy Kiyola, […]

When blood pressure falls, we need to know: How to make it better

By Laura C. KingWhen blood pressure rises, we can feel better and more energetic.The answer to this question may lie in a blood pressure device called a blood flow monitor.When blood flow increases, our bodies produce more blood and help keep the body at optimal levels of pressure.The devices are designed to detect and help […]

When is the best time to get your blood pressure checked?

The American Heart Association (AHA) says the best blood pressure time to check for elevated cholesterol and triglycerides is when your blood pressures are normal or within the range of your normal resting systolic blood pressure.The AHA has also recommended that you take blood pressure medication if you have a low cholesterol and a high […]

A quick look at what’s been happening in the Bitcoin world this week

In the first week of the year, Bitcoin traded up almost 40 percent against the US dollar.It has been rising rapidly against the yen, the Euro, and the pound.This week, however, Bitcoin was down almost 10 percent against all three major currencies.The price of Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, has declined almost as much […]

Which is better for you? Blood pressure monitoring: Which one is right for you

Blood pressure is a sensitive indicator of your blood pressure.It’s a very accurate indicator of how well you’re doing, but it can also reveal your health problems, so it’s important to know what you’re getting.You can read more about how blood pressure works on our blood pressure page.Here are the basics: What is blood pressure?Your […]

How to take care of your blood pressure with blood pressure patch

Some people have no symptoms of high blood pressure and others have signs and symptoms.Here’s how to take your blood pressures and other medical conditions to the next level with a blood pressure test.1.Understand your blood sugar level.To find out your blood sugars level, get your blood glucose levels checked by a doctor.If you have […]

Blood pressure monitor can monitor blood pressure even without a doctor’s order

When your doctor tells you to take a blood pressure test, it’s usually to check if you’re under a certain limit or if you have some type of heart condition.But in a new study, researchers have discovered that a blood test could also help detect if you’ve been exposed to toxins, a condition called elevated […]

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