A doctor and a nurse are giving advice to people who want to avoid heart attacks in their sleep.

Dr Jann Wenner from the Mayo Clinic said it was crucial that people get enough sleep and exercise, but that he could not prescribe a pill that would make people sleep more.

“The best advice I can give you is to get plenty of sleep and keep exercising,” he said.

“You need to be getting about five hours a night, even if it’s less than that.

If you have to go to bed early, do so.”

It’s a great way to get to sleep, but if you’re just getting on with your life, you can’t go on doing it.

“Dr Wenner said that it was important to understand that heart attacks happen in people who are not as active or physically fit as those who suffer them.”

I think you’re going to have a different picture of your risk than if you are sitting in a hospital bed,” he explained.”

There is a risk in the older age group.

So that is something to consider.

“If you’re feeling dizzy or have a headache, Dr Wenner advised against going to bed at all.”

Try to get your sleep under control as much as possible,” he advised.”

And keep going to the gym.

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