The blood pressures of migrainous people and the impact of various treatments are being analysed by a leading Indian medical journal.

The journal, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, says the findings could help improve patients’ lives, especially those who suffer from headaches and migrainias.

The researchers found that migrainas can cause people to have blood pressure spikes, and those who are at risk have the highest blood pressure of any group of people.

The study, published online in the journal The Lancet, found the blood pressure changes of people with migrainic headaches and their prognosis were similar.

The average blood pressure for people with migraine was 149 mmHg (45.5 mmHl), with a range of 149.2-149.4 mmHm.

The range for people without migrainics is 139-146 mmHgl.

The findings are similar to what a group of doctors in the US recently published in a medical journal article, which said that migraine sufferers with a blood pressure between 120-130 mmHgr were most likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes and certain types of cancer.

Migraine sufferer and researcher Anupam Bhattarai, who led the study, said that the researchers found the average blood pressures for people who have migrainia is around 150-160 mmHgm, which is close to those of people who suffer a high blood pressure from heart disease.

Dr Bhattarcai, a professor at the department of psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, said the average high blood pressures associated with migraine is very high, which indicates that migranes have a very high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.MIGRINES, COVID-19 AND COVID CONTROL”The blood pressure is a very important marker for cardiovascular health, and we have shown that migraine sufferers have higher blood pressure than the general population.

But, the relationship between blood pressure and other cardiovascular risks is not clear,” he said.

The research also showed that those with migraine had significantly lower levels of cholesterol in their blood, a marker for the type of cholesterol that helps protect against heart disease, stroke and cancer.

“We need to know what the risk is of heart attack and stroke, and if migrainus are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease,” Dr Bhattarchai said.

“But we also need to understand what the potential benefits are for migrainos, so that the preventive measures that migrios are being given can have an impact.”

The researchers say the high blood-pressure levels are likely related to the way migrainans are breathing.

“There are some symptoms of asthma in migraina sufferers that may contribute to higher blood-phosphate levels,” Dr Dutta said.

Mikesh Bansal, who is in charge of clinical research at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), said the study was important because it could help people understand the role of COVID and other COVID drugs in migraine.

“In some people, the medication can improve blood pressure.

But the risk of COVD in migraine is not well understood,” Dr Bansal said.

“Our results show that migraine patients are at higher risk of cardiovascular events than the non-medicated population.”

He said COVID treatment could help the Migraine Drugs Therapy Act (MDTA) for migraine sufferer.

“If COVID medications can reduce blood pressure in migraine suffices, then COVID medicines could reduce the risk for stroke and heart attack, as well as cancer,” Dr Nagarajan said. 

The study was funded by the NIDDK, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the National Institutes of Health.

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