NFL players are being asked to take blood pressure measurements for weeks before they can be suspended for violating league policies on substance abuse and performance-enhancing drugs, according to the league.

Players will be asked to fill out a form, called a “Blood Pressure Report,” to be submitted by the league office.

Players will also have the option of having a blood test done by a physician in the NFL office, according the league’s medical adviser, Dr. David Chao.

The NFLPA has criticized the practice, saying the league should use the blood pressure report as a guideline to determine whether a player should be placed on suspension.

The union said it is “disappointed” in the new guidelines, saying they “could have been more clearly defined.”

“Players are getting a new tool for making decisions on whether to suspend them and we’re very disappointed that they are not using it to guide this new process,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

“The blood pressure testing should have been a simple, clear and easy-to-use tool that players were able to use on the field before the NFL instituted this new policy.”

The league said it has had no contact with the players union regarding the new protocol.

The league said the players would not have to undergo a second blood test.

The new guidelines came in a rule that was created after the 2013 season after the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals all had players suspended.

The policy has allowed the NFL to suspend players up to one year for violating the substance abuse policy.

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