By now you’ve probably heard that Samsung’s Gear Fit, Samsung’s Fitbit, and Fitbit Flex are all compatible with smartwatches, but there are a few things you should know before getting started.

The Gear Fit is compatible with Samsung Gear, Fitbit Fit, and Samsung Gear smartwalls.

The Fitbit is compatible only with Samsung Fit.

The Samsung Fit is not compatible with any other smartwatch.

The only way you can change which smartwatch is compatible is to remove it from your phone.

Samsung does not offer a way to turn off the Fitbit.

If you want to get a Fitbit that’s compatible with a Samsung smartwatch but doesn’t have a Fit device attached, you’ll have to buy a new Fitbit with Fitbit software.

If your Fitbit works with Samsung apps but not the Gear app, you can use an external Samsung app.

If you have a Samsung Fit, Fitband, Fitwatch, or Fitbit Smartwatch, the Fit app will ask you to enter your smartwatch’s model number and model name.

If the device you want is not available in your area, the app will tell you the nearest Fitbit store and the nearest Smartwatch Store.

The app will then show you all the Fit devices in the vicinity.

If there’s a Fitband or Fitwatch nearby, it will show you which one is compatible.

If it doesn’t work with either Fit or Fitband smartwands, you will have to download an app to do it.

The Fit app is compatible, but the Fit watch faces will not display on the Fit.

To show Fit watch face, swipe to the left of the watch face.

If the Fit smartwatch faces display on your Fit device, you should use a different watch face on your phone instead.

The Apple Watch faces will display on Fit devices that don’t have an Apple Watch app.

When you connect your Fit watch to your phone, the application will prompt you to unlock the watch, which is a fingerprint sensor on your smartphone.

To unlock the device, tap the back button to unlock and then swipe to unlock.

If everything is correct, you’re done.

The app will prompt for a passcode when you connect the Fitwatch to your device.

When you tap the passcode, the device will display the lock screen and your passcode will be saved.

If there’s no passcode for the Fit, you must enter it manually by using the fingerprint sensor and pressing the backbutton.

If this doesn’t happen, the sensor will not work and you’ll lose the data on the watch.

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