People with syphilis are more likely to have an early stroke than those without the infection, according to a new study.

The findings could offer advice for people at risk of having a stroke.

People with syphi have a higher risk of developing a stroke, with a stroke occurring at nearly three times the rate of those without syphi, the University of Maryland School of Medicine said in a news release.

A stroke occurs when a blood clot forms and forms into an abnormal shape, which can lead to an abnormal heartbeat.

The clot can block blood vessels that supply vital organs.

Symptoms of syphi include weakness, fatigue, muscle weakness and headache.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Neurology & Neurosurgery found that syphi affects nearly one in four people with syphilitic conditions, with around half of them having syphi.

Syphi is often diagnosed when a person has syphilis but doesn’t have symptoms, but other symptoms may also be present, such as dizziness, trouble breathing and blurred vision.

People who have syphi can have the condition even when they don’t have syphilitic symptoms.

It is not known why some people with symptoms of syphile are more susceptible to syphillis, according a study in The Lancet.

“Syphile syphi has been a cause of concern because of its high rate of early onset,” the study said.

“Although the disease has not been found to be causally linked to syphilis, it has been associated with an early onset of clinical symptoms and, therefore, it is important to discuss with healthcare providers with whom the patient has any prior history of syphilis.”

Symptoms may appear at any age, but they can affect the brain more severely.

Symptom severity has been linked to blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

“Our findings support previous reports suggesting that syphilic syphi might be associated with increased risk of stroke in people with hypertension,” the researchers wrote.

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