Apple has introduced a new feature in the Apple Watch app called “Blood Pressure” that allows users to quickly add or remove a clipart for a specific type of blood pressure, the Verge reports.

The new feature is found under the “Tools” section, and is the first time the app has added it to the Apple watch app in a year.

It allows users of Apple Watch to quickly pull up a clip from a website or store for quick reference.

Users of the Apple Watches iOS app will be able to do this by going to the “Watch” tab in the Watch app, tapping “Settings” and then “General.”

There, the “Blood pressure” section will be visible under the options for the “Calculate Blood Pressure” feature.

Once in the “Settings,” tap “Blood type” and choose “Standard.”

This will show the option to “Show standard.”

Then, tap “Add Clipart.”

From the “Add a Clipart” screen, select “Add an image to a ClipArt.”

From there, choose the “Image” option.

If you want to see the image directly, tap the “View All” button.

You can choose a specific image or choose to add the entire image as a single image to the clipart.

After the image is added to the gallery, the app will then ask if you’d like to save it as a .jpg or .png file.

If the image file is already in the gallery you’ll see it appear in the list.

Once the image has been added, tap it to add it to your watch face.

From there, tap on “Calories” and the Apple will show you the amount of calories in that image.

This will be saved as an “added” calorie count.

To remove the clip, simply tap the icon next to the image you want removed, and the app removes the clip.

To open the app, swipe up from the top of the screen.

To return to the main Apple Watch settings screen, tap Settings.

If any settings have changed, they will appear in red.

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