New Delhi, Aug. 28 (UPI) India and China’s growth rates have been on a downward trajectory, but a lot of people are noticing the changes.

A survey by the research firm Oxford Economics found that people in both countries were more likely to see their lives improve when they moved to the city or other urban areas.

Here are five ways well-doing is improving in India and the other major emerging markets.1.

Better education.

One of the key challenges facing India and other emerging markets is improving education.

The education system is in need of a big overhaul and it’s important that we make sure that all students get the education they need, said Gautam Thakur, a professor of economics at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Thakurs findings were published in the journal, International Journal of Development Studies.

In India, education is seen as one of the country’s most important economic levers, but Thakuri says education has also become an issue of inequality and injustice.

India is one of only a few nations that does not have a free university.

Many people in India still do not have the chance to go to university and many children who go to the country have not even started secondary school.

In the past, education has been seen as a pathway to success in the country.

It was a huge opportunity for Indians and it was also seen as the means to make a better life for the people, said Thakury.2.

Better health care.

A key reason why health care is getting better is that people have access to better health care, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In 2016, India ranked 10th among the top 10 countries in terms of access to quality health care and improved health outcomes, according the report.

Thaksuri said the report showed that health care was a priority for India.

“We need to take health care seriously as an economic priority and we need to move beyond the rhetoric of getting the government to pay for health care,” he said.3.

Better access to technology.

India’s growing population is a major contributor to India’s population growth, and it also leads to higher growth rates, according a 2016 study by Oxford Economics.

According to the report, India’s economic growth was up by 8.6 percent between 2000 and 2030.

India is one the fastest growing emerging markets in the world.

The country has seen an average growth of 6.7 percent in the past five years.

India has also seen an increase in the number of mobile phone users.4.

Better job opportunities.

In 2015, India accounted for around 22 percent of global smartphone users and now the number is growing rapidly.

This is because people are choosing to use mobile phones as a way to save time and to work.

In 2019, the government set a target of getting one billion mobile phone subscribers by 2020.5.

Better living conditions.

According the Oxford Economics report, better housing in India is a key driver for better health, economic and social wellbeing.

In 2020, the average family in India lived on average 25 percent below the poverty line.

The average family’s household size is now smaller than the size of the European Union.

India’s growth in living standards has also increased.

According a 2016 report by Oxford, India is among the most stable economies on the planet, with no major changes in inequality.6.

Better jobs.

According an Oxford study, India has witnessed an improvement in its job market over the past two decades.

“India has made a lot progress in the last 10 years,” said Thaksur.

“It is one reason why the government is committed to invest in jobs.

We are going to have to build up the labour market in a way that is sustainable,” he added.7.

Better infrastructure.

A lot of infrastructure is in place in India to support economic growth.

According To The Economist Intelligence Unit, India had the most investment in roads, railroads, power transmission lines and other transport infrastructure in 2016, but it has also been one of India’s worst performing countries in the infrastructure sector, which is a measure of the quality of the infrastructure.8.

Better healthcare.

India leads the world in the percentage of its population living in poverty, according TOI, with India having the lowest poverty rate in the region.

According TOI’s report, a lot has changed in the Indian economy over the last 20 years.

“Indian GDP grew by 7.5 percent between 1998 and 2015, but India’s growth rate has also stagnated.

We have a huge health care system, but we also have a large population and a lot is needed to address the problems,” said Kavita Krishnan, a senior research associate at Oxford Economics, who was the co-author of the report for Oxford Economics and Oxford University.9.

Better social networks.

A report by Harvard Business School found that social networking has become a key indicator of economic performance.

This has led to the development of

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