Google News: How to stay up all night, for an entire hour and a half while you watch the sun set on your smartphone.

You know, to sleep.

Google News article Google’s latest attempt to keep you awake at all times while using its Android operating system has caused quite a stir among the world’s tech-savvy population.

The Android Nougat software update to its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, will reportedly allow users to stay glued to their devices for an additional hour and 50 minutes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the feature was introduced as a way for users to monitor their health after they’ve spent a good amount of time at their desks.

The feature is currently available only for the Galaxy Note7, but the feature is expected to be rolled out to all of Samsung’s smartphones starting on March 23.

The feature will allow users the ability to keep their screens up to a full hour and 45 minutes while they watch the screen rise, while still being able to sleep through the night, according to the WSJ.

While this feature seems pretty novel to those of us who are accustomed to having to check our email, Facebook or Twitter messages while we wait for our phones to turn off, it’s nothing new to us.

It seems that Google and its Android software have been using the same technology to keep us awake all night long for years.

For instance, last year Google released an app called “Sleep” that let users watch videos and music while they slept, and it also allows you to check the time in real-time while you’re at work.

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