How to Make Your Own Smartwatches with a Blood Pressure Smartwatch

By now you’ve probably heard that Samsung’s Gear Fit, Samsung’s Fitbit, and Fitbit Flex are all compatible with smartwatches, but there are a few things you should know before getting started.The Gear Fit is compatible with Samsung Gear, Fitbit Fit, and Samsung Gear smartwalls.The Fitbit is compatible only with Samsung Fit.The Samsung Fit is not […]

The Neotonic Blood Pressure Device Is Good for Your Brain

Health experts are excited about the new blood pressure monitor device from Neotonics that could soon be used to help people with mild to moderate hypertension manage their condition.The device is the first blood pressure device to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which means the FDA can approve it.The NeutroniBreath monitors the […]

What to Know About Lasix, the Blood Pressure Machine

It’s a lifesaving treatment for people with high blood pressure and can help prevent blood clots and the progression of many types of blood cancers.But, the drug is currently available only in Canada, Mexico, the United States and the European Union.Now, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco have created a blood pressure control […]

‘Blood Pressure is a Medical Fact’: Here’s Why We Need Prednisone and Optimal Blood Pressure for Weighing 150lbs

The average American has an average of 250 milliliters of blood pressure each hour, which is considered “normal” for most people, according to a study released Wednesday.But if that number is not adjusted for age, gender, smoking, obesity, and diabetes, you might be surprised at how much blood pressure you have.“Normal” is a word that […]

How to raise blood pressure by 5% without medication

When I was growing up, we would drink our favorite juice every day.Now, I get it.And that juice is actually a great alternative to an expensive and complicated drug regimen.But if I were to drink it every day, it would be a nightmare.So how do you make it easier?And what if you don’t want to […]

How much does blood pressure matter?

Doctors say blood pressure is a critical determinant of your health, even if you are not suffering from it.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about one in 20 people has low blood pressure and the average American has about 115 millimeters of pressure, which is the “point at which it becomes life-threatening,” the […]

When to call 911

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute reports that the average person has about 4,400 milliliters of blood in their body.In the US, the average blood pressure is 102/80 and the average heart rate is 70 beats per minute.The CDC recommends that patients with hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are told to dial 911 if […]

Walmart blood pressures guide: Walmart, blood pressure guide

Wal-Mart Stores, the nation’s largest retailer, announced on Monday that its blood pressure service, Walmart Blood Pressure, will now provide a free mobile app to users.The app will allow Wal-Marts customers to see a list of the recommended blood pressure medications and then provide users with a link to purchase those medications online.The company will […]

How to avoid a stroke when you have syphilis

People with syphilis are more likely to have an early stroke than those without the infection, according to a new study.The findings could offer advice for people at risk of having a stroke.People with syphi have a higher risk of developing a stroke, with a stroke occurring at nearly three times the rate of those […]

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