You’re not likely to have heard of the term “drug overdose”, but you may have heard the term drug overdose in the news.

As we reported last week, the phrase was used to describe the unexpected and dangerous blood pressure-raising effects of prescription drugs.

It’s a phrase that has been used for many years to describe an overdose of a potentially dangerous drug or drug cocktail that could be deadly.

But a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that it is not a very accurate way to describe how often people take drugs.

The study found that, as of 2014, nearly 1 in 5 people had taken at least one drug overdose at some point in their lives.

While some drugs may have a higher rate of overdose, the researchers say the vast majority of people who use a drug will experience only a mild but potentially dangerous effect.

The authors of the study say it is important to remember that the risks of drug overdose are different for everyone, including those who use drugs regularly.

They say that drug overdose can be dangerous, and can cause the body to react in ways that may result in death or even death by suffocation.

A person who has a blood pressure cuff around their neck may be able to safely stop their blood pressure from rising to the point that they are at risk of death.

The risks associated with drug overdoses are different from one person to the next.

What’s the best way to prevent a drug overdose?

The first step is to recognize that your body reacts differently to drugs than other drugs.

For example, you may feel very relaxed and relaxed but then your heart rate increases and your breathing becomes labored.

If you feel these symptoms, you are at high risk of a drug-related overdose.

If the symptoms persist, the risk of overdose may be greater.

The second step is not to panic.

In fact, your body is much more likely to respond to the pain and the stress of a stressful situation than to the fear of dying.

The third step is understanding the difference between a drug and an overdose.

As you know, it’s important to note that drug overdoses can occur during an overdose, and you may be experiencing the effects of the drug that you’re taking at the time.

So if you’re concerned that you may overdose, don’t panic and call for help.

The first and most important step is learning to recognize the difference.

If, for example, a friend tells you they have a heart attack and they are experiencing sudden, extreme pain, that’s a sign that they may have overdosed on drugs.

This happens about five to 10 times a day.

If this happens, it is normal for the person to feel more relaxed and be more relaxed during the time that they’re experiencing these symptoms.

This is normal, and it’s a normal reaction to an acute overdose.

But if your friend says they have symptoms of a heart infection or have an allergic reaction to the drug, they’re more likely at risk.

You should be able take this into account when determining whether or not you should call 911.

You can call the local emergency number for more information about the risks associated a drug or a drug cocktail.

If someone has already called 911 and you don’t know if you need to, talk to your doctor and try to calm down.

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