sepsi blood pressure is an infection that has plagued the country for the past few years.

And now it’s getting even worse, as a major outbreak of sepsitosis has reached more than 200 million people in China, causing widespread disruption in daily life.

A septic infection in the lungs and bloodstream is the result of anaerobic bacterial activity, or a condition that prevents the body from using oxygen.

When this occurs, it can lead to death.

In recent months, there have been two cases of septicemia in Beijing, according to a report by the China Public Health Foundation (CPHF), which was published on Sunday.

A first case of septicaemia was reported in a young man in Beijing on June 24, which was also the first time that anaerobes had been identified in the city.

According to the CPHF report, the patient, a 31-year-old man, developed septic shock after having a bout of sepicaemia on June 26.

The hospital where he was being treated received about 30 samples of his blood.

The man had a high temperature and the hospital sent him to a private hospital for treatment.

However, after about two hours in the ICU, the man developed sepsic arthritis and died.

Sepsis is a bacterial infection that affects the lungs.

It’s caused by a number of bacteria, including staphylococcus aureus, staph, stavus and staphspora.

These bacteria can also cause pneumonia.

It’s possible that the man was not being treated properly when he contracted sepsity.

The infection was first detected in the late 1990s in China and the outbreak spread rapidly, causing a severe financial and economic burden for the country.

The infection, known as sepsipelagic sepsitis, can occur in children as young as two years old, and can be deadly.

While there are no known deaths, the outbreak has been devastating for many.

More than 150,000 children have been hospitalized and nearly a quarter of them are in intensive care units, according the CPhF report.

In Beijing, there were about 200,000 people affected by sepsitas in the past year, the CphF reported.

The CPHMF has urged people not to overreact to symptoms, and to make sure their temperature is within the normal range.

However the situation is expected to get worse as more sepsits are detected, according a CPHE official.

People who are infected with sepsia should avoid the city and limit their contact with people who are.

The CPHC also recommends that people wash their hands frequently after touching a person who is sick with septicas.

People should be advised not to use any form of sunscreen, including SPF 30 or higher, and avoid wearing loose or light clothing.

If you are hospitalized and need to go home, you should use a mask.

People with septic conditions should not wear a mask when taking any medications, or while bathing.

They should wash their face thoroughly with water before applying a mask, and should not use a face mask while eating.

People affected by the sepsiztosis outbreak in China should take steps to limit contact with others who have an infection, according Chinese health officials.

They can contact their local health authorities, a government health centre or the Beijing Municipal Public Health Department to find out more information on how to prevent infections.

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