With the mercury plunging and the air quality index soaring in British Columbia, the province’s government is now facing questions about how much carbon dioxide pollution is causing the health effects.

Key points:The province has increased its air quality standards in recent years, which includes the introduction of a new carbon dioxide standard for residential and commercial buildingsThe province’s carbon dioxide benchmark now has an ozone standard and the country’s highest level of CO2 levelsThe carbon dioxide level is now more than 300 parts per million, higher than levels in France and Denmark but well below those in the United States, Germany, Japan and BritainThe government says the standard is to help protect people from air pollutants and to help with the cost of air pollution control.

It is also aiming to reduce the amount of CO3 in the atmosphere, and to protect air quality through improvements in air quality measures, the government said in a statement.

“We have a national and international plan to reduce CO2 emissions, and we have set a new standard of carbon dioxide emissions for commercial buildings,” Premier John Horgan said.

“With the carbon dioxide baseline, we are now able to meet our own air quality targets.”

This is an example of the way we’re going to deliver on our ambitious climate action plan.

“It is not about trying to hide the carbon in the air, it is about keeping it out.”

Key points:”The new standard for commercial and residential buildings is to be set in 2020 to ensure the province is meeting its national targets” CO2 will be measured at 300 parts-per-million, above current levels, and below the UK’s 400 parts- per-million standardThe carbon standard is set to be met by 2030The carbon level is expected to be about 300 parts of carbon-dioxide.

“As a country, we need to work hard to ensure our air quality is as good as it can be,” Mr Horgan added.

“The carbon pollution from industrial facilities and energy generation is not acceptable and we will ensure that this is addressed.”

The carbon emissions target for the province was introduced in January.

In a statement, the provincial government said it had increased the amount and the standard of the carbon pollution limit from 300 parts to 400 parts per billion (ppb) for residential buildings.

It said the carbon standard would help to reduce air pollution from carbon dioxide and ozone and help to lower the cost for the health of B.L.C.’s residents.

“If the standard was set in January, it could have been met by 2020,” the statement said.

It was not immediately clear when the province would meet the new standard, but the carbon standards were not meant to be permanent, the statement read.

It comes as the number of people reporting high blood pressure increased in the province this week.

“People in the Fraser Valley are already feeling the impact of rising blood pressure and the increased exposure to pollution and CO2 in the city,” said Dr David MacLean, director of the Fraser Health Centre in Victoria.

“There is a lot of concern about the number and type of CO1 that is reaching the Fraser River and the increasing amount of pollution that is entering the Fraser.”

Dr MacLean said the increased number of residents experiencing high blood pressures in the region was a result of the state’s carbon pollution and ozone standards being set too high.

“They are setting a standard that is really high, and then they have set up these very high CO2 standards in places that don’t have any pollution in the system,” he said.

“They’re setting these standards so people can’t get any exposure to CO2.”

So people have to have these CO2 masks because they can’t breathe air with a standard of 200 ppb and they can only breathe air at that level.

“But in the rest of the province, it’s just a level that people don’t want to go above.”

Dr Ken Murray, an expert on CO2 at the University of New South Wales, said the increase in blood pressure cases was likely to be a sign of the health impact of air quality.

“One of the big things is that we’ve seen a lot more CO2 and ozone in the last week or two, so I don’t know that we’re seeing any of the sort of symptoms that we have seen in other parts of the country,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“And that’s likely to have an effect on the number people with high blood-pressure.”

I think it’s also a warning that we need a more cautious approach in terms of the level of the CO2 that we are breathing, because we’re getting very close to a tipping point.

“The Health Department says a number of measures are being put in place to reduce health impacts from air pollution.

In the past, it has also increased the cost to businesses and individuals to reduce their exposure to emissions.

The department said carbon dioxide was a “nuisance pollutant” that was responsible for

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