The first thing you need to do when you’re about to give birth is make sure you’re not pregnant or have a baby, says Dr. Mark St. Pierre.

That’s the rule of thumb when it comes to the risk of having a baby with preterm birth.

But St.

Pierre says there are other ways to manage the risks of premature birth and the resulting complications.

“When you get pregnant or become pregnant, the risk is much higher.

So if you’re thinking about getting pregnant and you don’t have a preterm baby, the best thing to do is avoid pregnancy,” says St. Patrick.

If you have preterm labor and still don’t feel like you can go into labor, you should have a medical exam, he says.

If your baby isn’t born in the first few weeks of life, you may have an infection or have other problems, so you should see a doctor.

The best advice for this is to try to do the best you can to help your baby breathe and to keep it warm, says St Patrick.

He also recommends washing your hands and keeping it dry, especially when you have the baby.

“Just be gentle,” says Dr, Mark St Pierre.

He suggests you don`t use too many products like antibacterial soap or deodorant, and that you use a gentle hand-washing method.

“You can wash your hands with soap and water or bleach,” says the doctor.

“I`m not going to tell you to use soap and vinegar, but I`m definitely going to warn you that you should not use any kind of detergent,” he says, adding that you also should avoid using deodorants.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends you wash your hand frequently, even if you don�t have symptoms, and to use a deodorizer on your hands after using them.

But you also can try to wash your baby’s hand daily.

If that doesn’t work, try to get your baby to sleep in your arms or use a crib with a comforter or an open crib pad, says the AAP.

“The safest thing to try is to keep the baby dry,” says a member of the AAP, Dr. Barbara K. Koppel, M.D. “It`s very important for the baby to be in a crib or an air mattress for a couple of hours a day and to be warmed up in the crib or on a comfy mattress for the first three days of life.”

You can also use a breast pump to help warm up the baby and help it breathe.

“In this scenario, you don’ t need to use anything, but you might want to try it,” says Koppl.

“If you`re trying to do this for a child, I would recommend using an air-cushion that has a hood and a breast pad to give the baby a little extra warmth.

And then you`ll want to be sure you don\’t put the pump down or take it out of the box.”


Patrick says it’s important to give your baby a warm, dry and comfortable environment to begin with, but he also warns you to talk to your doctor about breastfeeding if you have a new baby.

You can talk to the doctor about the possibility of having preterm delivery or to ask if it`s a possibility for you, he adds.

“Once you have it, it`ll be different.

It`s just a matter of having the right knowledge and taking care of your baby.”

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