A man who suffered a massive stroke has been admitted to hospital with a blood pressure that is still at an acceptable level, according to the Pots hospital.

Dr Tom Browning, from the POTS blood pressure unit, told the ABC that the man had suffered a stroke which left him with a huge blood pressure problem.

“The patient is currently at an accepted level of blood pressure.”

He has had a stroke and a massive blood pressure issue,” Dr Browning said.”

We are aware of the incident and he has been advised that the patient’s blood pressure is at an appropriate level.

“He said the man’s heart rate was normal.”

I think his heart rate is in the normal range.

He’s not going to be too concerned with it, and the patient is not too concerned about it,” Dr Johnson said.

The man had been at a home for two weeks, but he was unable to stay at home due to complications with his condition.

He was then transferred to Pots, where he was kept overnight in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Dr Johnson said the patient was in good condition.”

He’s not quite at the same level as the other patients, but the patient does have a very good chance of staying with us.”

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