Now Playing: US military tests for possible flu virus in Yemen Now Playing; Trump takes a jab at Mueller investigation Now Playing Video: What Donald Trump is doing right now with Russia Now Playing What Donald J. Trump is saying about Russian interference in the 2016 election Now Playing Trump fires former FBI director James Comey Now Playing Russian ambassador speaks to US lawmakers on the firing of FBI Director James ComeyNow Playing Trump threatens to withdraw US from Paris climate agreement Now Playing Ivanka Trump visits Iran and Saudi Arabia in new trip Now Playing Mueller probe to examine whether Trump campaign colluded with RussiansNow Playing President Trump says he’s ‘not concerned’ about his son’s potential Russia tiesNow Playing Russian envoy speaks to members of Congress in Iran Now Playing President Donald Trump says there is ‘no collusion’ between Russia and his campaignNow Playing Former FBI director Jim Comey on firing of James Comey as FBI director: ‘I did not tell the president not to fire’Now Playing U.S. and European governments agree to a ceasefire in Syria amid worsening conflictNow Playing US says Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election in the US, but Trump says it was a false flag operationNow Playing Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations: ‘We have the right to defend ourselves’ Now Playing CNN’s Jake Tapper weighs in on Trump’s tweet about firing ComeyNow The Trump administration is defending the president’s tweet that accused former FBI Director Jim Comey of lying to Congress.

Here are some of the biggest stories of the day.

Read More:The Justice Department is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice.

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