AUSTRALIA’S blood pressure is soaring as it warms, and some of the country’s largest cities are now reporting record high levels of dehydration.

Key points:Cities in Victoria are on the rise as temperatures riseFears of an epidemic are fuelling the riseDr Chris Moulden says the rise is not newDr Chris Mason has warned there is a growing concern about the risk of an outbreakDr Chris McKay says there is no need to panicDr Chris Moeller is warning the rise in water consumption could lead to an outbreakThe world’s largest metropolis, Melbourne, has the highest number of people reporting high blood pressure and its highest rate of dehydration, a new study says.

Dr Chris Mackenzie of the University of Melbourne’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine said Melbourne had a high incidence of water consumption in the city, with some people drinking as much as six litres of water a day.

“We’re seeing it at this point in time,” he said.

“It’s happening in cities like Melbourne, but we’re seeing more people in the community reporting high levels and also the number of cases.”

The study also found the risk to public health was increasing in cities across the country, particularly in regional areas.

Dr Mackenzie said there was a strong connection between high levels on blood pressure (BP) and water consumption.

“When you look at the regional areas of the study, we saw that if we look at high blood pressures in the urban centres and in regional and small-town areas, we see a correlation between those two variables,” he explained.

“The urban centres are more likely to have a higher BP and more people drinking water.”

People are drinking a lot of water, and when they drink a lot more, their BP goes up.

“So it’s a combination of things.”

They’re consuming a lot less water and they’re drinking water more frequently.

“Dr Mackenzie said he believed there was no need for panic as there was currently no evidence of an emerging pandemic.”

If you look back in history, there’s not been any known cases of this pandemic in Australia, so we’re in the early stages of it, and we don’t have any new cases to report,” he noted.”

But there is an increased concern about an outbreak.

“You’re seeing a rise in cases in people who’ve not been seen in a long time.”

There’s not enough data to know what that trend is, but the number we’re reporting in terms of cases is a bit alarming.

“In Victoria, Dr Mackenzie believes the risk is increasing.”

That’s where we’re getting into the numbers,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

This year we’ve seen a rise of 2.7 per cent in water use, and there’s an increased risk of more cases.

“Dr Chris McKenzie says people are drinking water a lotDr Chris McMillan is advising against excessive water consumptionDr Chris McHugh, of the Australian Water Health Association, says the number one issue in Victoria is dehydration.”

I think it’s very important to be aware of what’s going on, and to be mindful of that when you’re drinking,” he added.”

Drinking water is the number 1 health concern in Victoria.

“As you get older and you’re older, it’s going to be more and more of a problem.”

With water use in the population increasing, people are increasingly being advised to conserve water.

“Dr McHugh says it is essential that people are aware of the dangers of water use.”

Even though you don’t necessarily need to be a water addict to drink water, it is a great way to ensure you’re not dehydrated,” he advised.”

And we all know that water can help you recover from dehydration.

“It’s a really important issue and one that people need to pay attention to.”

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