A heart attack can take out your life, but not without some blood pressure control to keep you alive.

The good news is that there are several effective ways to lower blood pressure after an emergency surgery, which could be helpful for your health and comfort in the long run.

The first thing to consider is whether you should do it at home.

People often try to keep their blood pressure under control by drinking a lot of fluids or taking blood pressure medication, and there’s a lot to be said for these strategies.

However, the idea of keeping a blood pressure low for the first few days after surgery may be a bit more difficult, says Dr. Steven Fassbender, a cardiologist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh.

The reason?

You’re more likely to feel anxious and tense the day after the surgery and may be feeling the effects of your surgery more acutely.

So if you have to make the decision to keep your blood pressure in check for at least the first couple of days after the procedure, consider whether to try one of the following:Have a diet that’s low in saturated fats, and avoid carbohydrates like pasta and fried foods.

Avoid eating sugary snacks, as they can cause heart attacks.

The American Heart Association advises that people with heart disease have their blood pressures checked daily and their LDL (bad) cholesterol measured, which is a type of cholesterol.

If your LDL is elevated, you’re at a higher risk of heart attack, says Fassabler.

However, your body doesn’t necessarily have to be vigilant about your blood pressures after surgery, says Michael Lippman, MD, a cardiovascular surgeon at Harvard Medical School and a board-certified cardiologist.

Lippmann explains that there’s an area of the body called the left ventricle where the heart is most vulnerable to damage.

This area is a little harder to access, but it’s not totally inaccessible.

The heart muscles are able to expand and contract in this area, so it’s possible that a blocked artery can also block the heart, which can lead to the heart attack.

Dr. Liddell recommends that people do their best to maintain their blood levels, and then try to lower them.

If you have a blocked coronary artery, you may have difficulty getting blood into the heart.

It’s important to note that this is not to say that you should avoid exercising for a few hours before your surgery, Fassbach says.

That may not be the best strategy if you already have a heart condition, says Liddel.

Instead, Liddlen recommends that you limit the amount of exercise you do to less than 20 minutes a day for at most about 20 minutes.

And, even if you do exercise, try to exercise for a couple of hours each day.

“It’s best to exercise a little bit of each day,” Liddels says.

“That way you’re still getting some blood to the right place.”

Lippman also suggests that people try to take a rest day after surgery and to do some light exercise, such as walking or running, to ease the pressure and make it easier to get back into a regular activity.

Lizzi Sperling, MD and her colleagues at Northwestern University have found that resting heart rate of 30 to 60 beats per minute can improve blood pressure by as much as 20 percent.

So, if you want to get your blood rates under control, the next question is how much exercise?

Lippmen says that you need to increase the amount you do in the short term, to help the body regain blood flow and prevent a buildup of scar tissue in the heart that can increase the risk of a heart Attack.

“The longer term strategy is to work out in the gym, but make sure you’re doing it with a good intensity,” he says.

If it’s a problem for you, Lipp says, you can try a combination of walking, jogging, swimming or even cycling.

“I don’t think exercise is necessary in the first two weeks after surgery,” he explains.

“But you should be able to do more moderate exercise for the rest of the time.

It may be that exercise is helpful as long as you’re able to maintain your blood levels and avoid exercise.”

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