When your doctor tells you to take a blood pressure test, it’s usually to check if you’re under a certain limit or if you have some type of heart condition.

But in a new study, researchers have discovered that a blood test could also help detect if you’ve been exposed to toxins, a condition called elevated COVID-19.

The study, published in the journal Infectious Disease Control and Prevention, involved two dozen people who were randomly assigned to receive either a blood-pressure test or a control, or placebo, for eight weeks.

During the eight weeks, the researchers monitored the participants’ blood pressure for a week and then compared their readings to those of people who received a blood sample for the same amount of time.

During the test, the participants took a blood sugar test, which measures how much glucose is stored in your blood.

After they tested negative for COVID, they took a second blood glucose test the following day.

Both groups of participants also had a questionnaire that measured their health status, including whether they were taking any medications, whether they had ever taken medication for COID-19, and how much exercise they did.

The questionnaire also asked participants if they had had any heart attack or stroke in the past year.

To get a better idea of how the participants were doing, the scientists compared their blood pressure readings with those of a control group.

The results were consistent.

People who took the blood-testing pill had a blood reading that was 14 millimeters lower than the control group’s blood pressure.

The difference was statistically significant.

People who took a placebo had a lower blood pressure reading than did the control.

The researchers also found that people who took both blood tests had a similar blood pressure, which meant that both groups were protected from COVID.

The results suggest that the blood tests could help determine whether people have been exposed in the workplace to COVID and that it could be used to monitor those who are at higher risk of developing COVID infection.

“It is an interesting finding that demonstrates the utility of using a blood monitoring device to monitor COVID exposure,” said lead researcher Dr. James J. Breslau, a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

“We are working on using this technique to determine how many people have the disease, which is an important piece of the puzzle.”

The researchers are now working on testing a similar device that could monitor the body’s own response to COVEV and COVID infections.

They’re also working on a new device that would measure the amount of COVEVs in the blood, and another device that might help monitor the levels of COVID viruses in the body.

The researchers say that this new study demonstrates that the effectiveness of COvev and COVEVDs vaccination is improving.

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