— In August, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first Ebola surveillance report, highlighting the increasing number of people contracting the virus in Atlanta.

That number is up from 1,600 reported cases in July.

But many people in the metro Atlanta area are not aware of the virus.

The CDC is now sharing information about how people should respond to symptoms of Ebola, like fever and weakness, to help them stay healthy and prevent new cases.

So what is the Ebola epidemic, and what are people doing to stay safe?

The first step is getting the right information out there.

The CDC recommends that people call their doctor if they have symptoms of fever or headache, nausea or vomiting, rash or redness, cough, and/or runny nose.

If they do not have symptoms, they should get tested for the virus and get checked for the coronavirus.

The CDC also recommends that they stay home from work, school, and other activities if they are traveling to an area where there is any possible risk of exposure to the virus, especially if they plan to travel more than three days in a row.

People who have had contact with someone who has Ebola should be isolated and tested for Ebola at home.

People who are infected with Ebola should contact their doctors.

People with known Ebola infections should stay home and get tested.

People should avoid contact with Ebola patients, especially those with a history of severe illness, including those who have been in close contact with infected people.

People with fever should call their physician if they develop symptoms and if they do have symptoms they should stay at home and seek medical attention if they feel ill.

People who have symptoms should seek medical treatment immediately.

Ebola spreads through contact with bodily fluids from an infected person, such as sweat, blood, vomit, feces, vomit-contaminated clothing, vomit contaminated water, and vomit that is contaminated with bodily fluid.

People should wash their hands frequently and avoid contact when they are sick or have symptoms.

People may need to stop drinking and eating for several days or be closely monitored for fever and vomiting.

People can help protect themselves by wearing face masks when traveling or using public transportation.

People also can reduce their exposure to other viruses and bacteria by taking a few precautions when outdoors:

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